He comes from another world that loves work and creating beautiful things. He sees that we need help, so he travels between our worlds using trans-dimensional portals with one goal in mind: help us to get work done đŸ˜‰

Start creating work that’s out of this world.
Flatty uses portals to pull work from his dimension. A new portal is created for each new plan that’s set up. However, the portals can only be accessed once a day, so it's up to us to help too. By signing up for more plans, more portals can open, giving Flatty extra opportunities to create and help you in return!
Did we mention that Flatty is literally flat?
Not only does that make it easier for him to move from portal to portal, you can always see that he’s got nothing to hide. Flatty is all about the flat-rate pricing without any catch – no fees hiding in small print, no deposits and no contract periods.
Plus he’s highly flexible and talented.
It’s amazing how much flexibility and substance Flatty offers for being so flat – just like how our plans allow you to scale up or down with ease, and leverage on skill sets that ranges from graphic design to animation, motion graphics and a myriad of custom creative solutions.

How do I open portals?